said the ostrich to the wolf​.​.​.

by mustoek



the third of three albums written and recorded this year "said the ostrich to the wolf..." is the angriest of the three. it is a direct assault on the listener, both musically and lyrically. What it lacks in subtlety, layers and melody it makes up for in angst, disappointment and belligerence.

the title track alone tells the story of two doctors fighting over how to sedate a patient. "placate us", "the pog pounding terminal", and "disappointment" are songs that lash out at the stupidity of it all. on the other hand, songs like "just nothing left to do" and "grind" document the opposite. They explore the despair of helplessness and loneliness.

all in all, the final album in the trilogy (sorry no berlin here, no hansa studios and no brian eno here) is a different exploration of the creative process; but, from a darker angle.

to be played at maximum volume...

enjoy with headphones, good speakers and please do not listen to it with just your smartphone speakers! ugh....

please enjoy the RAWK responsibly...


released August 10, 2016

art: mustoek
music: mustoek (unless otherwise listed)
lyrics: mustoek
engineering: mustoek (unless otherwise listed)
production: mustoek (unless otherwise listed)
mixing: mustoek (unless otherwise listed)
arrangements: mustoek (unless otherwise listed)
all instruments: mustoek (unless otherwise listed)



all rights reserved


mustoek Hamilton, Ontario

painterly sounds, meanderIng noise and melodic hooks in post-modern structures.

mustoek is a cerebral artist. musical influences include: philosophy, politics, literature, art, cynicism and society.

If you like bowie, the smiths, radiohead, neil young, dinosaur jr. ,mbv and indie, and alternative acts that embrace noise, punk, ambient and garage aesthetic elements then you are at home.
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Track Name: the pog pounding terminal
give me my fix today
make me feel that way
don't want to know
what's out there
give it to me
so i don't care

hey, i got something to say
yeah but its so cliche
like everything i see today
nothing matters and that's the way
nothings good it's just our way

give me my fix now
i don't care how
let me look at myself again
tell me for how long and when

do you want your six today?
you know you like that way
hey, what my feed?
what's the tweet?
its all full of shit now sell me what I don't need

pretty faces
full of empty hearts
put the horse before the cart
Track Name: just nothing left to do...
I'm following the baseline
you want me to code my way through your landmines
i run the crisis
but it's twice as nice
fresh lies with your wise advice
your moral fibre
you are my lies
your ethical choice
is my morning noise

nothing left to do

it's a word limitation
you and your ethical consternation
reminds me you can not lose
oh yeah you are cautiously bovine
you are divine

nothing left to do

i ask my amygdala
return to my insula
i'm following your baseline
I'm fighting my way through your landmines

whatcha gonna do now?
(when you are old and grey)
all by yourself
nothing left to do...

nothing left to do...
Track Name: said the ostrich to the wolf...
i'm gonna mess you up
i'm gonna take you down

said the ostrich to the wolf
into the belly of the beast
and then you are going to head north

the only k*** I've ever known was a swede
yea so c'mon tell me what drugs you need feel nothing...

i'm gonna mess you up
i'm gonna take you down

said the ostrich to the wolf
into the valley of the beast
and then you push north

said the ostrich to...
i'm gonna michael jackson you
said the wolf to ...
special k is the only only only way

i'm gonna mess you up
i'm gonna take you down
Track Name: placate us
placate us
sell us
sacrifice your soul
it's nice
for escape
how do you live with yourself
for such cheap titillation

talk talk talk
don't talk don't talk don't talk
talk talk talk...
Track Name: bile burning bridges
i wanna get this thing over
so c'mon
send me home
i'm bent over like a stupid broken phone
don't want to sit here in pain
dont wanna play your waiting games
so tell me what is it i gotta do?
you don't say
you don't want to do

do you
do you want to push me through
bridges for you
hold my feet
hold my head under water
drag me down

oh i can see it all etched on your face on my shoes
see my face I'm such a fool

Track Name: grind
you know that it's grinding
grinding me down
you know that this pain
is making me drown
taking me down
Track Name: disappointed
i give you what you want
i give you what you need
i give you what you want
i give you what you take


you take away from me
you take and take and take and take
you take what you can
you take and take and take

Track Name: k.w.l.
you say you know me
then why do you lie?
you say you want me
so why do you sigh?
you say you love me
then why why do you cry?

(bela rugosi's not dead...)
Track Name: finding shells
Track Name: Small Stone Carcosa
c tumour records 2017 used with permission